A-Z Guide For Parents / Whanau

If your child is absent from school for any reason, please phone the school office (07 3049633) and leave a message for the class teacher on the answer phone and write a note as soon as possible after the absence.
Unexplained absences will be followed up to ensure the safety of our children.

Minor accidents are treated in the school medical room, but parents are contacted if the accident is of a more serious nature.  It is important that the school has up-to-date information of contact phone numbers in case of emergencies.  Please check your details regularly.


School assemblies are held weekly on a Tuesday morning.  Assemblies take place in our school Multi-Purpose room.


Edgecumbe Primary School provides a banking facility through the New Zealand Credit Union North.  Banking day is Thursday.  Parents are responsible for setting up the initial accounts by filling in the necessary forms available at the school office.


We encourage children to ride bikes to school but we want to advise parents that we have very busy roads bordering our school.  All cyclists MUST wear safety standard approved helmets.  If parents wish their children to ride to school they should ensure that the child knows the rules of the road and correct procedures.  Cycles need to be in a sound safe condition and we encourage locks to be provided for security while at school.    

The Board of Trustees is elected by the school community to govern the school.  The dates of it’s monthly meetings, which are open to parents, are notified through school newsletters.  Minutes of Board Of Trustees meetings and copies of the School Charter, Strategic Plan and School Policies are always available to parents through this website or at the School Office.

BOOKS IN HOMES           

Our school is presently a ‘Duffy Books in Homes School’ sponsored by Main Freight International Limited. This provides families with a number of free books and visiting role models at assemblies throughout the year. Parents are welcome to attend these Duffy Books in Homes assemblies.


There are strong links between efficient learning and good nutrition so providing opportunities for our pupils to eat and drink at regular intervals throughout the day is essential.  Hungry children can not learn, so therefore we encourage children to graze throughout the day on healthy brain food, eg fruit, nuts, cheese, vegetables and water.  Foods containing lots of sugar and fats should be avoided if possible.

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

We are inviting students from years 4 to 8 to bring in their own chrome book to school so that they have more opportunity to use technology and enhance their individual learning. We want to try leveraging students’ attachment to their own devices to deepen learning and to make learning more personalised and student-centered.  As a result of this, students who do not have personal devices will have greater access to school owned chrome books. This opportunity is NOT compulsory.  It is an invitation, not an expectation, we are not insisting that students purchase or bring a device. We are giving you the choice.  We want our students to be comfortable using digital devices and be better prepared for their future.  Having their own device will empower students to learn at a pace and method that suits them.  If you are happy to let your child bring their personal chrome book to school you and your child will need to sign our new BYOD agreement which is available from all class teachers. 


Students may bring cell phones to school, but they must hand them in to the school office in the morning and collect them at the end of the day. The school takes no responsibility for this equipment should students fail to hand them in and they get damaged or lost.  Your co-operation with this decision assists the safety of your children while in our care.  


The school is organised into three main teams: Juniors Years 0-3, Middle Years 4-6, Senior Team Years 7-8.  Most classes are composite.  Team Facilitators in each area help the Principal with the school organisation and the placement of children in the most appropriate class for the child’s needs.  


We do not have a school uniform.  Children should come to school dressed in sensible clothes for classroom and playground activities and the given weather conditions at the time.  Children should bring spare clothing for winter sports activities and physical education as instructed.  Please label all clothing clearly.   


Our teachers provide exciting teaching and learning experiences in all of the learning areas of the National Curriculum: Science, Mathematics, English, Technology, Social Studies, Health and Physical Education and The Arts.  They are also committed to their responsibility to teacher Taha Maori within the context of everyday teaching and all follow an agreed school wide Inquiry approach to Learning and Teaching. 


We have a mobile clinic that visits and you will be advised when they are due.  If you need to contact them for emergency treatment please ring Whakatane Intermediate School Dental Clinic 3086480.


We do not ask families to make school donations or pay fees. However students in Year 7/8 attend technology at Edgecumbe College and are required to pay a fee to cover material costs.
Team and class trips and camps play a very important part in the school programme.  Consent forms are always included when you are notified of an out of school activity.  It is important that these are signed and returned to school.  At times there will be a charge for these activities.  Parents are always needed to help with trips, camps or sporting activities.  Please be generous with your time if at all possible.  We certainly appreciate it.  It is not possible to have pre-schoolers on trips. 
The school practices emergency procedures; in particular fire, earthquake and tsunami drills regularly, so that in the unlikely event of a fire, earthquake or tsunami the children and staff know what to do. We would encourage families to work out similar emergency procedures for the whole family when at home. Again emergency contact phone numbers are important to assist us at these times.

Children’s physical fitness and well-being is very important in the learning process.  Each class runs a regular fitness programme for the children.  If your child is unable to participate, please contact the class teacher.


Our Public Health Nurse is employed by B.O.P District Health Board and visits the school on a fairly regular basis.  If you wish to access their services please feel free to do so via the SENCO, Class Teacher or School Office.  Hearing and Vision Testing is carried out regularly and parents are advised if there is a problem.

Board of Trustees are required to consult the school community on the Health Curriculum when necessary. Edgecumbe Primary School will consult in a variety of ways.  These will be advertised through the School Newsletter, or online forums such as the school Facebook page and Skool Loop.


Homethink is important; not just for its own sake but also as a means for parents and children to share with each other what is happening at school. Teachers will advise parents of what is expected at each level. Homethink should never become a cause for arguments in the home. It must be manageable, appropriate and interesting and related to class learning.  It is always useful where school related activities are consolidated and enriched with the support and encouragement of parents.


School starts at 8.50am and finishes at 2.50pm. Children are welcome at school from 8.20am and are expected to have vacated or have been uplifted from the school grounds by 3.00pm. Staff begin arriving at school from 7.30am but they are at school to prepare for the school day, not to mind the children. Guaranteed safe supervision of students outside of these school hours is not possible. 

Children are not to leave the school grounds for any reason during the day unless parents request them to do so in writing, in person, or via Skool Loop, See Saw, or message to the classroom teacher.  Please do not take children away from school during the school day unless the class teacher or the office has been informed.
Our School Library is an important learning centre at Edgecumbe Primary. Your support as parents / caregivers is appreciated to ensure the care and return of loaned books. We are always pleased to receive assistance from regular Parental involvement in this area. Contact the school if you wish to assist. 
Lost property is located in a container in the library foyer and is available for parents to view during the school day.  During the final week of each term the lost property is displayed.  Unclaimed (unnamed) items are given to charity.  Please encourage your children to look for their lost property promptly.  We make every effort to return clothing to owners, but this is very difficult if clothing is not named.
All monies brought to school should be in a sealed enveloped with the child’s name, the amount, and what is is for written clearly on the outside.  The envelope should be handed to the classroom teacher or directly to the school office.

Our school has a multi-purpose room available for assemblies and smaller events.  For larger events the College Hall will be the usual venue.
All weekly school newsletters will be available through Skool Loop, Seesaw, our school website, and Facebook page.  This year we intend to become more environmentally conscious and will only be sending paper copies of our weekly school  newsletters home to those who request them.  However special notices will be sent home in paper form to everyone.    
Please let the school know as soon as possible if you have any concerns. Do not let things fester. Keep the communication lines open. Make contact with teachers, senior staff or the Principal and hopefully we can work out any problems together.
The school welcomes parent help in a variety of ways. Firstly check with the class teacher on how you can best help. Needs of teachers vary from class to class and levels of the school.
Assistance may be given accordingly:
  • Help with school trips, camps, sporting outings
  • Coaching of school sports teams
  • Working bees                                                    
As you can see there are many ways that you can help Edgecumbe Primary School be the best school ever. 
All parking is outside the school perimeter on College Road.  Please exercise care when dropping off or picking up children by ensuring that this is done on the school side of College Road.  If for any reason you do have to park on the other side, please ensure that you use the pedestrian crossing with your children.


The Board Of Trustees and Staff accept no responsibility in the case of loss or damage to valuables or articles brought to school.  While all reasonable care is taken and efforts made to find property lost, the responsibility rests with the owner.  We prefer children to keep small toys and play things at home – many are alike, they are difficult to name, can be easily lost, and may be a distraction to others.

These are taken once a year and include class, individual and family portraits.  There is no obligation to buy.

Children who wish to go and play with friends after school must have arranged this activity with both sets of parents.  They may not ring their parents from school for this purpose.  School may need to be contacted in some situations.  Remember late messages given to the office, just before the bell rings, are difficult to deliver as it can be tricky to catch children before departure.

The Perceptual Motor Programme (PMP) is a physical skills programme that aims to increase children’s fine and gross motor skills, co-ordination, concentration, eye tracking skills, and memory through a variety of activities and games.  PMP is used in our Junior School classes.  


As per the Education, Health and Safety Acts all paid employees are police vetted to ensure the safety of our children.

Information still coming… 

At Edgecumbe Primary School, school wide curriculum goals are set for each year in the Annual Plan.  These are reported on to the Board Of Trustees and Ministry Of Education in the variance report at the end of the school year.  The Charter and Annual Plan are available on this website.

Children are urged to go straight home after school. Parents are urged to use the pedestrian crossing which is unsupervised, and to reinforce our road safety procedures especially when collecting children after school.

Your child’s safety is our prime concern.  We therefore strongly promote zero tolerance to violence in our school.  This means that no person has the right to hit any other person.  No one person has the right to intimidate any other person in any way.  It also means that it is “okay to tell” if you are being bullied. Assemblies, newsletters, class lessons and parent meetings will reinforce this message.  

From time to time children get sick and our caring office staff may contact you if there is a problem. Please ensure your child is really well enough to return to school before sending them back. Please ensure your emergency contact number is up to date.


We allow skateboards and scooters at school.  They are to be walked around the school, and to be played on under the shelter or designated area only.


The school values information and communication technologies (ICT) including Facebook, Social Media, YouTube, Seesaw etc. as great platforms for learning. Quite often these platforms are used in day to day teaching and learning programmes under direct supervision from their teachers. However, the school is not responsible for students or members of the community inappropriate comments or dialogue including photos that are not part of teaching and learning programmes.  


Our school recognises that there are children who require special assistance to meet their educational and social needs. This includes children with special abilities. We have a Special Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO) and we are committed to providing assistance within the resources and time available to these students.

We encourage all children to become involved in one or many sports.  Children have equipment from the sports shed available at break times.  Sporting skills are taught by teachers through a balanced Physical Education programme.  Out of school sport is encouraged through the various clubs located in Edgecumbe and surrounding area.  Please contact your local co-ordinator for further details.  Our Physical Education programme includes swimming, cross-country, athletics, and  
inter-school competitions.  If you, as parents, have special skills in coaching and managing teams, please do not be shy to become involved.  Tell us of your talents.  Our Junior School also have the P.M.P (Perceptual Motor Skills Programme) that is run as part of their regular learning programme.

Edgecumbe Primary School employs only the best staff. At the end of each year parents are advised as to the placement of their children for the following year.  If you have any questions about staff please make an appointment to see the Principal or Deputy Principal.


At the beginning of each year or when your child enrolls, he/she will be given a stationery list. All items can be bought from the school.


During the summer months, all children and staff must wear sunhats for outdoor activities, at intervals and lunchtimes. Summer months are defined as the period commencing Term 4 through to Easter or the end of Term 1 of the New Year.  Children that do not have a suitable sunhat will be asked to play underneath the shelter.


Swimming is an important part of our Physical Education programme. We are fortunate to have our own pool as well as the use of the college pool. All children are expected to take part in the swimming programme.  Please send a note or call the school if for any reason your child is unable to go swimming on a particular day. It is a good idea to send togs and towels in a plastic or beach bag. Please name all gear.

Trips and Outdoor Education are an integral part of the school programme and we encourage all children to take part in any out of school activities. Some of these trips may have a cost. Please let us know if payment is a problem because we can often help out.
Our School values are found in the acronym ‘C.A.R.E’
These four – fit alongside our ‘I Care’ philosophy of –
  •  Caring for yourself
  •  Caring for others
  •  Caring for property
  •  Caring for the environment

 We pride ourselves on being an I Care School ‘Whakaaro pai ki te tangata’